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Fort Myers Counseling
Monday, July 06, 2020
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For those who don't know me, I wanted to share some of the things that others have said about my counseling services. I recently moved to Ft. Myers, FL and opened up a counseling office here. I would love to help you too.
Please call me at 239-243-8098 or email me at if you would like to discuss how I can help you.
Jama Thurman, Licensed Mental Health Counselor MH 11424
Lifechanging Counseling, PA
8192 College Parkway #B-35
Fort Myers, FL 33919


Jama provides her clients with a caring, intuitive and spiritual sounding board that helps them work through their issues and experience life to the fullest. I have never been disappointed when referring my parishioners to Ms. Thurman.


Reverend Bob Perdue, Grace Life Community Church, Bristow, VA




For the past several years it has been my pleasure to work together with Jama Thurman by referring individuals and families in need of professional Christian counsel. I'll never forget referring a very troubled pre-teen girl to Jama. I must admit that I had serious doubts as to whether the little girl could be helped. After meeting with Jama for several weeks the little girl came back to our church. I didn't even recognize her! The change was so dramatic!

Through the years I have personally witnessed some very dramatic changes in several individuals with whom Jama has served. Time and again, she has proven to be reliable, sensitive, responsible and professional. I am greatly appreciative of how God has gifted Jama and how she is using those gifts to serve Christ and His Church. I have complete confidence in Jama's abilities, her rock-solid commitment to Christ and I highly endorse and recommend her services.


Sincerely, Pastor Jay Nickless, Gateway Bible Church, Gainesville, VA



Readily available for my patients in need. Extremely willing and able to counsel a variety of patients. Excellent feedback from my patients about her services. Highly recommend.

Dr. Lynne Flagg, Bull Run Family Practice, Woodbridge,VA


I am very pleased to get feedback from my patients regarding the high quality of services they are receiving at your practice.


Dr. Syed Murtaza, psychiatrist, Sterling, VA




Jama Thurman LPC is extremely knowledgeable, insightful and patient with clients. She has a wide area of knowledge. She is patient with clients however holds them accountable for making changes in their lives.


Deborah Shugars LCSW, Phoenix Family Counseling and Play Therapy, Gainesville, VA


Thank you so much for your time and knowledge that you shared with our Stephen’s Ministry team at New Life Christian Church. This training will enhance our skills greatly.

New Life Christian Church, Chantilly, VA



Your talk/presentation was very good. Good information presented.

Word Alive Church, Manassas, VA




All I can say is WOW!! The response from the conference is remarkable. Thank you so much for yielding us your time and expertise. The presentation was visual for those who needed to take notes and take home the presentation. The content was relevant and very useful. I truly loved how you incorporated your personal examples into the content of your presentation. One of the various topics I've been hearing rave reviews on, is the importance of listening and not formulating a response prior to hearing the entire comment from the other party. Powerful stuff. The stop what you're doing and focus eye ball to eye ball was also talked about greatly. The great thing is that many parents applied the principles as soon as they went home. You were truly used by God and I am so appreciative of your service. Our families will be better. Marriages enlightened and relationships with our children brighter from the information you've granted our church Family. Again, all I can say is Wow!!! Thank you so much!!!!!




Wendell Mickens
Mt Zion Baptist Church, Triangle, VA


I have recommended Jama Thurman, Counselor, to those I knew in crisis and all were pleased with the professionalism and quality of care.
Cheryl Kenny,  Broker LIC in VA,  GOLDEN, REALTORS LLC,   Manassas, VA 



Thank you Jama. I'm grateful to have someone to whom I could confidently refer a care receiver. Thanks for your presentation. Actually, I would call your work a ministry.


With sincere thanks, Esther Marshall, Stephen's Minister, New Hope Presbyterian Church, Fort Myers, FL


Your presentation Monday evening April 15 more than filled my expectations. The material was well-organized, detailed and quite pertinent in facing the many problems arising with loss of one's job. It also dovetailed nicely with our Stephen Ministry program. The Ministers who attended were pleased and, as you heard from Dick Wendeborn, was one of our best continuing educational programs. Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this.


Sincerely, John W Humphrey, Stephen Leader, New Hope Presbyterian Church, Fort Myers, FL.



One of my dear patients mentioned about your work and how your services created a positive impact in her personal and family life.

Dr. Miok Hyoun, Green Jade Chiropractic, Manassas, VA



Jama is a woman of great integrity whose Christian faith is central to her identity. Her care and compassion for her clients is quite evident.


Dr. William Bixler, psychologist, Raleigh, NC