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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Career Counseling


Evening telehealth appointments available for Florida and Virginia clients through video sessions. 

Career counseling/guidance if you feel stuck or unhappy in your job or career.

Do you feel stuck in your job or career? Are you stressed about work or looking for a career change? Did you lose your job recently? Maybe you are unhappy in your current job but don’t know what career is right for you or how to job search or write a great resume. Career counseling can help you figure out what career is right for you. I can help you  find a job you love so you feel happy and successful. 


Get started now by sending me an email or text 941-275-2791. I would love to help you.


I made career counseling one of my specialties because I know what it is like to feel stuck in a job you hate. I used to be an engineer but decided to go back to school to be a counselor! I liked some parts of my job but I really wanted to help people and make a difference in someone’s life.


I’ve helped hundreds of people (both adults and teenagers). I can help you figure out what you want to study, start a new career or find a great job. I use career assessments and tools to help you find a career you will love. I have helped hundreds of people write amazing resumes and practice interviewing to find great jobs. 


Please call me 239-243-8098, email jamathurman@lifechanginggrowth, or send a text to 941-275-2791 to schedule an appointment.


To get a free copy of my ebook, 3 Smart Questions to Ask Every Counselor Before You Start Counseling, please email me at
Please call me at 239-243-8098 or email for more information on counseling and therapy in Fort Myers for teenagers/adolescents, college students, young adults and adults with anxiety/phobias, stress, depression, sleep problems, career/school issues, anger management. Evening appointments available.

Jama Thurman, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MH 11424
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Stress, anxiety, anger management, and career counseling for teens, college students, young adults and adults by video


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