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Saturday, April 04, 2020
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Lifechanging Growth Coaching Services
Lifechanging Growth offers life coaching services to help you find your life purpose and mission, follow your dreams, and achieve your personal goals.
Life coaching is different than counseling or therapy. Life coaching helps emotionally healthy people get from a place of feeling stuck to the place they want to be. Life coaching focuses on the present, not the past.
(Counseling is for individuals who struggle with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. If you have a current struggle with sadness, grief, worry, then you will be referred to a local therapist for mental health services. Life coaching is not therapy, and will begin when you are emotionally whole, strong, and healthy.)
There are many benefits to hiring Lifechanging Growth for coaching services:
  • coaching is conveniently offered by telephone
  • coaching is generally short term (no long term commitment, services determined based on your goals)
  • coaching is goal oriented and results driven (by you - coaching helps you achieve your dreams)
  • coaching provides accountability (weekly progress sessions with homework and specific goals helps you stay on track)
  • coaching is positive and healthy
  • coaching helps you find your life purpose and mission, follow your dreams and achieve your personal goals
Lifechanging Growth offers three types of coaching services:
Career Coaching (Career/Job/School Assistance)
Career coaching is suitable for high school students, college students, and adults.
Career coaching helps people wondering what to do with their life, what field to study, how to find a job, where to go to school, how to study for the SAT or other career or college placement exam, how to overcome test anxiety, in addition to career advancement and workplace interaction.
Career coaching may include a combination of job coaching, career exploration, career assessments, study skills strategies, SAT Prep tips, test anxiety strategies, workplace interaction, career advancement, and job search skills.
Work-Life Balance Coaching/Life Balance Coaching/Christian Life Coaching
Life Balance Coaching helps people to find a healthy balance between each area of life. Life balance coaching helps those in the work force, as well as those at home. This coaching will help achieve a healthy, balanced physical, emotional, spiritual life. Christian coaching services are available to those who would like a foundation of Biblical, Christian values.
Work-life balance and life balance coaching may include a combination of setting priorities, time management, stress management, assertiveness and healthy boundaries, how to say no, finding your life purpose, living according to your values.
Marketing and Small Business Development Coaching/Business Coaching for Counselors
Marketing and small business development coaching helps small businesses get started, or grow and become more successful.
Marketing coaching is offered individually, or in small mastermind groups of 4-6 business owners.
Marketing coaching can be specifically tailored for mental health counselors in private practice (social workers, psychologists, counselors, marriage and family therapists). Coaching services for mental health therapists include marketing, practice building, starting a private practice, collaborating with referral sources, setting up a business, internet marketing, and other business issues upon request.
Professional Life Coach Jama Thurman
All coaching services will be provided by Jama Thurman, LPC, LMHC, Professional Life Coach. Jama is a therapist who has been trained as a life coach by the Institute for Life Coach Training. Although she is a licensed therapist, coaching services should not be construed as therapy. You will be referred to a mental health professional if therapy is needed.
Cost for Coaching
All coaching services are provided by telephone, and include a free 30 minute initial consultation, and unlimited email contact.
There is no long term commitment for coaching services, although most clients will need a minimum of 2-3 months to achieve their coaching goals. Payment by credits card (Visa and Mastercard) will be due at the 1st of each month.
Clients can choose different coaching packages according to their needs:
Package #1 (Good Value)
Individual Coaching - Monthly (one 45-minute coaching call per month)
Cost: $100/month
This package is for clients who willing to move more slowly towards their goals and dreams. Clients must be self-directed, motivated, and focused. This package offers monthly accountability for goals, with one month between calls. This is appropriate for clients who need long periods of implementation during the coaching process (i.e. time to study techniques or complete coursework in between coaching sessions) or clients who are willing to move more slowly and take more time to achieve their purpose and direction.
Package #2 (Better Value)
Individual Coaching - Twice monthly (two 45-minute coaching calls per month)
Cost: $175/month
This package is appropriate for clients who want to achieve their goals and purpose at a moderate pace. Clients will receive coaching twice a month, which provides accountability, and adequate time for implementation of homework and goals.
Package #3 (BEST Value)
Individual Coaching - Three monthly coaching calls (45-minutes each)
Recommended package for most clients. Weekly coaching calls provide the best results, as clients are focused and motivated to reach their goals. Weekly calls provide the highest level of accountability, and help clients achieve "wins" every week.
This package is the best value for most clients.
Group Coaching for Marketing/Small Business Development
Group Coaching (only available for Marketing/Small Business Development Coaching) (includes two 45-minute teleconference group calls per month, with 4-6 group members)
Cost: $100/month
This package is a great value for clients who want to learn from a group of 4-6 like-minded professionals. The mastermind experience of being in a group can jump-start your motivation and increase your creativity. The group is facilitated by Jama Thurman, a therapist and marketing coach with years of experience in practice building and marketing. She opened her private practice in 2004 and filled her caseload within 3 months of working full time. She will share the business development and marketing strategies she learned (what was successful, and what was not), in addition to the knowledge she has attained from business and marketing seminars, trainings, books, and coaching.
Free Coaching Session
To see how coaching can help you find your life purpose and mission, follow your dreams, and achieve your personal goals, please call Jama Thurman at 571-210-0728 or email You can schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation and discuss which coaching package is best for you.