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Monday, February 24, 2020
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Counseling for Teens for Anxiety, Stress, School

Counseling for Adolescents/Teens in Ft Myers FL  - Help with anxiety, stress, school, self esteem
If your teenager is stressed about their grades, struggling with college applications and essays, having problems adjusting to middle school, high school, or college life, or worried about their classes and jobs, I would love to help.  I enjoy helping adolescents navigate the maze of life as they transition to adulthood. I help teenagers who are struggling with depression and self esteem issues.


I also work with teenagers who are experiencing anxiety and test anxiety.  If your teen is anxious about taking the ACT, SAT, PSAT, or SOLs, or any test/quiz/exam,  - please call me.  I can teach test taking strategies, relaxation skills, and other techniques which will build confidence and improve chance of success.


If you are a teenager and need help with school, friends, relationships, parents, and life stress, I would like to help you.  Ask your parents if they can help you pay for counseling and give me a call at 239-243-8098 or email me at
In my work with teens struggling with school, relationship, or self esteem/depression/anxiety issues, I use a variety of counseling techniques, most often cognitive-behavioral.  We talk often about thinking patterns and how our thinking affects our actions.  We practice identifying negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.  I often recommend books or workbooks that help clarify and reinforce coping skills and techniques addressed in counseling.  I ask most clients to complete assessment tools, including those that measure depression, anxiety, and anger levels, or career interest inventories or personality tests if appropriate. 
Many clients see results in 10-12 counseling sessions, however most choose to continue therapy for up to a year or more as they identify their strengths, make positive life changes, set boundaries, improve communication skills, and strengthen their organizational and decision-making skills.
To schedule a counseling appointment, please call Jama Thurman at 239-243-8098 or email
To schedule a counseling appointment at 6237 Presidential Court #110, Ft Myers, FL, click on the graphic below.  Evening hours may be  available Monday-Thursday:

Please call me at 239-243-8098 for more information on counseling in Ft Myers FL for teenagers and adults with test anxiety, stress, depression, sleep problems, career, or other issues. 

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Stress, anxiety and career counseling for teens and adults in Ft Myers, FL

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