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Saturday, April 04, 2020
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About Jama Thurman Mental Health Counselor

Jama Thurman, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Fort Myers FL
Thanks for visiting my website.  I'm happy that you are here wanting to make positive changes in your life. 
I have been working in the counseling field since 1995 and had a private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Manassas VA from 2004-2013. I moved to Fort Myers, FL and opened my counseling practice here 2013.  I enjoy helping teenagers and adults who are stressed and depressed. I also offer anger management and career counseling/resume review. I specialize in Christian counseling for those looking for a Christian counselor in Ft. Myers, FL.  I tutored and taught SAT prep classes in 2009-2010.

The reason that I work as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor is because I believe that change is possible and I want to help you make positive changes in your life.  Change and growth keep us focused on our goals and moving in a positive direction.  It can be difficult and sometimes scary, but I will guide you through the process and will help encourage you by focusing on your strengths and changing your negative belief systems. 
I work with teenagers and young adults because I want to help them find peace and purpose in their lives.  I grew up in Peoria IL and I was very shy as a child and teenager, so I enjoy helping teens with social anxiety and shyness. In my twenties, I gained purpose and self confidence and love meeting people now.
I enjoy helping teenagers, college students, young adults and adults explore career decisions because working as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor is my second career.  I graduated with a BS degree in General Engineering from the University of Illinois. After working as an engineer for the US Department of Energy in Washington DC for many years, I realized that I preferred helping people on a one on one basis - that serving others was one of my core values. I discovered that I prefer working with people over projects, and wanted to help make a difference in the life of someone like you.  I quit my job and moved to Dallas TX to attend graduate school in counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary.  After graduating with a Master's in Arts degree in Counseling (with honors), I worked in a variety of capacities before starting my private practice. I worked in a psychiatrist's office, on a crisis hotline, as a vocational rehabilitation/career counselor, nonprofit coordinator, home-based family counselor and county mental health intake therapist.
As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Fort Myers, FL for teens and adults with stress, anxiety, anger management, and career counseling/resume review, I want to help you improve your life and become emotionally healthy and happy.

If you want your life to be richer, more focused, peaceful, and joyful, contact me at 239-243-8098 or email me at and we can discuss your needs for counseling, anger management, quit smoking, test anxiety help, career counseling, and Christian counseling

Please call me at 239-243-8098 or email for more information on counseling in Fort Myers FL (convenient to Cape Coral FL) for teenagers, college students, young adults and adults with  anxiety, stress, depression, quit smoking, anger management, career counseling, or other issues.  

Jama Thurman, Licensed Mental Health Counselor MH 11424
Stress, anxiety, anger management, quit smoking and career counseling for teens and adults in Ft. Myers FL
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